I fell in love with running my sophomore year in college.  Over the past 8 years I have run 2 full marathons, 5 half marathons, and countless 5 and 10k’s.  I love racing, I love running, I love training.  I love the feeling of satisfaction I have after a hard run and the therapeutic release that can happen as you lace up your sneakers.

These days my runs usually include pushing a double jogging stroller or sprinting on the treadmill at the gym for as long as I can before being called into child care to change a dirty diaper!  Although I cannot dedicate the time to training for long races at this point in my life, I still love the feeling of a great run!

(left) My sister and I at the starting line, (right) Ella and I at the finish line!

Rivertown Race Half Marathon

May 2014


My sister, Kristi (right), and myself on the morning of the Rivertown Race Series Marathon

May 5, 2012

My very first half marathon. I was officially addicted! Hartford Half Marathon

October 10, 2009

Providence Half Marathon. Loving life 🙂

May 5, 2010

X-Treme Scramble 5K in Summer 2011 with some co-workers

(left to right) Dean, John, Me, Fiona

Baby’s First 5k.  X-Treme Scramble 5K in Hartford Summer 2012.

7 weeks pregnant and braving the heat 🙂

Stef, Lynne, Me

Race Recaps:

The Race to Fill The Pantry 5k – 11/11/2012


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