Our first child, Ella, was born in February 2013.  Below you will find the story of how I found out I was pregnant, as well as all the links to any posts that are pregnancy related.

The moment I knew I loved my husband I dreamed of having children with him.  On Friday June 8, 2012 Stephen left early for his annual fishing trip with our brother-in-law and several friends.  This was the first cycle we had been trying to conceive and to say my mind was only focused on babies and pregnancy and ovulation and early signs of implantation is an understatement.  Every cramp was our baby possibly making a home inside of me.  I had taken my first pregnancy test that Tuesday and it sadly did not show the second pink line I wanted to see so badly.  Thinking about this first negative test and concluding that we would probably be trying for a few more months, I set out on an early morning run on my favorite 4 mile route.

As I finished up the first mile, climbing a hill that I love to hate and have run a thousand times, I had a feeling.  I just knew in that moment that I would get home from my run, take a pregnancy test, and it would be positive.  Some women report feeling this, and I definitely did.  I ran home, ripped open my second EPT and did my business.  What resulted was this:

A second pink line that was barely there, but was there none the less.  My breathe caught in my throat and I knew in that moment that I was pregnant.  Whether it would “stick” or not was another story.  But for that moment, that one glorious moment I was pregnant.  I made the decision not to tell ANYONE until two days later when I would test again.  LONGEST TWO DAYS EVER.  But well worth the wait.  When I tested again on June 10, 2012 my confidence was renewed and I was greeted with the greatest site I had yet to see.

There was no doubt about it.  I was pregnant.  There was a little life growing inside me.  One that I had made with my husband.  Life as I knew it was about to change and I could not wait.  I could not wait to feel the little one move and grow, for my belly to get big, to see them on an ultrasound, to give birth, to not sleep, to breastfeed, to nurture and love and live with this child.  Let the adventure begin!!

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