Toddler Time

I have said it before, and I am sure to say it again.  Mornings are my absolute FAVORITE time of day.  Especially when, like today, I am up before everyone else in the house (including the sun) and have a giant cup of coffee in my favorite green mug in hand.  Even if said coffee is half cafe and I can really only have one cup.


This week I officially entered the world of being a full time stay at home mom.  I have dabbled in this life in the past, but it was always for quick little quips before adding more yoga classes to teach or taking on a part time accounting position.  This time though the gig is for the foreseeable future and I am really really excited about it.

This weeks weather gave us a little sneak preview of spring and summer and my entire self is just giddy with excitement.  We spent most of the morning Thursday at a playground with Ella’s cousins , and despite some mud and some wind, it was amazing to be outside.


This weather is giving me visions of summer time.  I picture Ella playing in the yard, Stephen grilling, and me with a baby strapped to my chest and a death grip on a glass of white wine.

We are in full on toddler mode in our house lately.  Especially when it comes to dressing ourselves.  Ella is very opinionated when it comes to the pajamas she wears, even if it means wearing ones that are from last halloween.  i think she would wear pajamas all day everyday if it were up to her (with a princess dress or two thrown in there) .  A girl after my own heart I tell ya.


Yesterday we were off to swim lessons nice and early and baby girl insisted on staying in her pajamas , but putting her Easter shoes on as well, and carrying a beach bag as a “picketbuke” (pocketbook).


I love her imagination, and her hilarious antics keep us on our toes and constantly laughing.  Oh how I love her so.

Cheers to the weekend!  And, if you celebrate, have a wonderful Easter !