Day in a Life

Day in a life of a random Tuesday as a pregnant stay at home mom to a 2 year old ūüôā ¬†I love reading about how everyone else spends their days, especially people who are home with little ones. ¬†Enjoy!

5:24 AM: I wake up on my own, see the time, and leap out of bed.  Ella is still snoozing, Stephen is still snoozing.  I can have some much needed alone time with coffee!  Lets do it.

I make my way downstairs, tongue scrape, fill my daily pitcher of water with lemon, and throw in a load of laundry while the coffee brews.


5:40 AM: I sit with coffee and my book.  I am reading Mindful Birthing , in addition to taking a 3 week course in May.  I am hoping to have some more tools in my box for this upcoming labor and avoid getting an epidural so early i the process.


6:45 AM:  Ella starts to stir so I fill a milk cup for her, hang up the laundry, and suck down the last of my coffee before making my way upstairs.  Ella and I snuggle and chat in my bed for a long time while Stephen wakes up.

Stephen and I are SO different when it comes to the morning.  He takes a long time to wake up, preferring to lay in bed for as long as possible and getting up at the last minute before jumping i the shower.  I open my eyes and get right up .  Neither of us understand how the other could POSSIBLY start their day the way they do!

7:24 AM: Ella and I go downstairs while Stephen FINALLY gets in the shower.  I top off her milk, give her some cheerios, and turn on Sesame Street.  While she watches her show I get our stuff ready to head to the gym later this morning.


7:47 AM: Stephen is out the door and Ella and I are on our own for the day!  I make some breakfast and sit with her while she watches Sesame Street.




8:30 AM: Breakfast is eaten, Elmo is over, and its time for our daily wrestling match of getting dressed.  Ella likes to run a lap around the house before taking off or putting on any clothing.  Its really hilarious and I try to just let her do her thing instead of getting impatient.  If there is one thing I have learned since having a toddler its that I am really not in THAT big of a hurry.




9:10 AM: We arrive at the gym! ¬†I check Ella into child care and hop on an elliptical. ¬†I do 45 minutes while watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, my very guilty pleasure, before doing some lunges and squats


10:10 AM: Shower , blow dry and get dressed at the gym.  I just started doing this and its genius.  I get an uninterrupted shower without having to waste precious nap time.  Originally we were going to grocery shop after my workout, but my friend, Eve, who is currently on maternity leave, texted me while I was on the elliptical to come hang out.  YES YES YES!  Mama chit chat and holding an adorable newborn?  That definitely trumps grocery shopping.


12:15 PM: We arrive home after picking up Subway for lunch. ¬†Since we skipped grocery shopping we still have no food in the fridge! ¬†A ham sandwich for Ella and a veggie flat bread for me. ¬†A few bites of lunch, an Elsa dress up session, and a few renditions of “Let it Go” and we are upstairs for books and nap time

1:20 PM: Nap time success! ¬†Time for mommy to do some laundry and read her book. ¬†I am savoring these last few weeks of alone time during Ella’s long afternoon nap before baby girl is born. ¬†I feel no guilt about putting up my feet and thoroughly enjoying my afternoons


3:30 PM : Up from nap time! ¬†Into the car and off to the grocery store! ¬†Her bed head is always amazing after nap time, and she will not let me near it with a brush. ¬†While grocery shopping I bribe my child with a donut to get her to stay in the cart. ¬†She eats it quickly and is then begging to get out. ¬†It was nice while it lasted ūüôā ¬†I spend the remainder of our time shopping chasing after her and trying to give her little jobs to keep her busy. ¬†Needless to say, we forget half the things on our list.



5:00 PM: I start our dinner while Ella eats hers.  Pasta with hidden veggies and protein for Ella, and pasta with meat sauce for us.

6:00 PM: DADDY IS HOME. ¬†Best part of the day ūüôā ¬†While I finish dinner Stephen and Ella sing the ABC’s over and over and over and over x 1,000 while pretending to nap. ¬†Ella and Stephen have such an amazing relationship. ¬†She adores him and it totally melts my heart.


6:20 PM: Into the tub!  Its a big night, new tub crayons!


7:00 PM : Books, essential oil on the feet, brush teeth and into bed for Ella. ¬†Dinner, dishes, and couch time for mama and dada ūüôā

9:35 PM:  I cannot hold my eyes open anymore and need to go to bed.  I am shocked that Stephen joins me.  He usually stays up much later than me.  Good night!

My days seem mundane and boring to some I am sure, but I would honestly not trade it for the world at this point in my life.  I am desperately trying to enjoy this season of my life and not worry about things like lost earning power in the working world or lack of 401(k) contributions.  These are precious years with my girls and I will never get them back, focusing on THAT makes staying home much easier.

How do YOU spend your day?  Does it look like mine or much different?