60 Day Transformation (Part 2)

I am on day 10 of my 60 Day Transformation and I feel freaking fantastic!  In my last post I walked through my 5 goals that I wanted to accomplish in these 60 days, and how I would achieve 2 of them.  I would love to use this post to walk you through the remaining 3 and  how I will accomplish them by June 13th.


Complete the Chalene Johnson Program “30 Day Push”

As part of my Beachbody coachingI am committed to devoting at least 20 minutes per day to personal development.  It can be reading a book about motivation, time management, business strategies, etc. It can be listening to the National Wake Up call that Team Beachbody hosts each week, or catching up on team calls.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this has made a significant difference in my everyday life as a coach, a mom, a wife, and as just a human being!

Lately, I have been listening to the podcast “The Chalene Show” and it has been amazing.  Chalene Johnson is the creator of Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, and PiYo.  She is a motivational speaker, a best selling author, and she spends her days teaching people how to organize their lives and crush their goals.  After listening to a few of the podcasts I knew I had to sign up for her 30 Day Push. This is a free program she hosts from her website where she sends you 1 video a day for 30 days with different homework assignments and tips for organizing your life.  For example, on day 1 you have to make a list of priorities and give them a rank.  Thats it!  Then you build from there.  It has been amaze balls.  I have learned a lot about myself and learned so much that I can apply to everyday life to stay organized and on task!

Stop Frivolous Spending

This one is so hard!  I get what I call “the gimmes” when I am in Target, or Anthropology, or scrolling through Etsy.  I need that new shirt, I need those thank you notes, I especially need that $15 rolling pin for the pies that I do not make (ahem Anthropology).  But here is the thing, I HAVE GOALS!  I want to build our forever home with Stephen, I want to send my kids to college, I want to retire and travel.  Spending what little money we have on things like MORE workout gear and coffee mugs and thank you notes is not going to help that.  Does it feel good in the moment?  Of course!  Do I work hard for my money and deserve those little presents?  Of course!  But I need a plan!  So for these 60 Days I am committed to not spending a cent outside of our normal budget (mortgage, utilities, birthday presents, etc.) AND transferring every single Beachbody check directly into our savings account.   At the end I am going to take another hard look at our finances and see what we can save and what can be budgeted for those fun things (like workout tank tops that say how much I love wine.  You can really never have too many).

Establish the MommeKelli Brand

This one is the most exciting!  I love and fully believe in my message of being a Mom and being Me.  I want to spread that as far as I can and help other people reestablish that relationship with themselves, no matter how they define themselves in other areas of their lives.  This is something that is so near and dear to my heart because I know how EASY it is to completely lose  yourself in everyday life and everything that is expected of you. I want to shout from the roof tops that you can BE YOURSELF and be a GOOD MOM or GOOD EMPLOYEE or whatever else it is that you do!  So for the next 60 days I am going to plan content, create my logo, BLOG, set goals, and figure out how to deliver this message the best way I can!

Watch out blog world, MommeKelli is here to stay 🙂


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