60 Day Transformation

Wow! What a whirlwind year it has been!  Stephen and I have listed our house for sale, I have made Emerald rank with my Beachbody business, and my kids are happy and healthy. What more could I want, right?  Well it turns out the answer is A LOT MORE!

I have achieved many of my goals for this year (ie: making Emerald, getting our house ready to list, etc.) , however, around the end of March I began to feel stuck!  I wanted to become a Diamond Beachbody Coach. I wanted to finally get to my goal weight.  I wanted to make personal development a priority.  I wanted to stop frivolous spending.  Wow, that was a lot that I wanted, and I was so close in so many areas!  I was 10 lbs from my goal weight, I needed two Emerald coaches on my team to make Diamond.  I needed a final push.  Cue my homemade 60 Day Transformation Plan!

I had an April PiYo Challenge Group coming up, and thought that this was the PERFECT launching pad for my 60 Day Transformation.  I would start on April 15th with my Challengers.  I set out making my goals for the 60 days of April 15th- June 13th:


I swore to myself that by June 13, 2016 all of these goals would be met.  So I set to work breaking down HOW I would do this.  I will break this part up into two posts, since it will get REALL WORDY!!

Make Diamond Rank

This was a HUGE goal of mine.  If I could make Diamond by June 13th, that means I would have reached this milestone within 6 months of becoming a coach.  I had enough coaches in my downline but I needed to mold two of them into Emerald coaches!  Molding and leading and mentoring are some of the things I love about coaching.  So to make this goal, my plan for the next 60 days was as follows:

  • Check in with each coach at least twice a week.  Send them videos, personal development suggestions, and make sure they were listening to the weekly National Wakeup Call.  Ask what kind of support they needed from me in order to make Emerald!
  • Host two Glance Into Coaching Groups. Within the next 60 days I wanted to host two more Glance into Coaching Facebook groups.  I saw huge success in my own business with these, and I thought I could add a few more coaches to my downline and assist my coaches in becoming Emerald if I made sure to host killer Glance into Coaching groups.
  • Do and track the four vital behaviors EVERYDAY:  I finally had a tracking system that worked for me!  It was time to use it, to Power Hour EVERYDAY, and to dial into those vital behaviors!


Hit my Goal Weight of 145 lbs

Another huge goal.  If I could hit this goal by Addy’s1st birthday (June 7th) I would be on top of the world.  I would show other moms that it is possible!  I have not been this weight since before I was pregnant with Ella 4 years ago!  It was time for the final push and I was so ready!

  • Commit to 60 Days of No Cheats, Just Treats.  If I was going to do this, I knew it would take an extended period of time of fueling my body with good nutrition.  I was already creating meal plans for my PiYo Challenge Group, so I decided to follow them TO A T! No cheat meals, one treat a week on Friday night.  It was 60 days, I could totally do this.
  • Press Play on PiYo everyday and Run 3 Times Per Week.  I wanted to show my challengers that I was committed to this program.  I wanted to be a true product of the product!  I also love to run and as the weather got warmer I knew I would want to get outside.  So running 3 times per week, 3-5 miles each time, was added to the list.


I am currently on day 5 of my 60 Day Transformation and I feel on fire!  I really feel like I can hit all of these goals and I feel like at the end of these 60 days incredible things will have happened in my personal and professional life!

Do you set goals?  

Do you do big pushes for those goals?  

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 60 days?


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