Spring Has Sprung

Happy hump day!  We are getting a little glimpse of what spring and summer will be like up here in the Northeast, and it is nothing short of glorious.

On the warm days we have been outside right away, complete with white Easter shoes, Elsa pajama tops, hot pink gloves, and sidewalk chalk.


There are so many great playgrounds in our area that I cannot wait to explore in the coming weeks.  I am especially on the hunt for playgrounds that have great little kid areas that Ella can navigate by herself when I have a newborn strapped to me at all times.


This warm weather makes me so excited for summer and the impending arrival of our newest addition!  It also makes me very aware that baby girl will be here sooner than later and I really need to get a move on preparing for her entry into the world.  In the coming weeks we will be transitioning Ella to a twin bed, washing LOTS of newborn clothes, and setting things up like the swing, the car seat, and the Rock N Play, and making a run at potty training.  Any advice on the twin bed transition and potty training would be incredible.

I hope your week has been filled with sunshine, iced coffee, and GORGEOUS flowers!  or whatever it is that makes you smile 🙂



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