Life Lately

Hi friends!  Remember me?  It is 5:30 on a Saturday morning and all I want to do is update this little blog of mine.  So lets dive right in.


I am officially 30 weeks pregnant and counting!  This pregnancy is FLYING and continues to be very different than what I experienced with Ella.  I am experiencing major insomnia this time around and I am already feeling the need to nest.  Yesterday I was organizing my downstairs bathroom at 6 AM, something I would never do at any time of day while I am not pregnant.  Baby girl also moves ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG.  Ella’s movements were always very deliberant, crazy, and ended as soon as they started.  This one rolls gently and pokes at me from the inside constantly.

I am 90% sure we are done with having kids after this one is born.  So I am trying to savor my big belly, enjoy the kicks and flips, and wrap my head around the fact that I am almost done with babies.

baby bump 30 weeks

blurry and terrible work bathroom bump selfie


Shortly after writing this post, I was contacted by my old investment accounting firm to see if I would be interested in working part time through busy season.  I gave them my demands (3 days a week, no working past 5:30, no weekends, and an hourly rate I felt was reasonable) , found child care, and started 2 days later!  It was only a 3 month position and it ends this coming Tuesday.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.  It gave me a chance to make some money before baby #2 is born, got me out of the house during the most bleak winter months, and exposed Ella to day care.

hooray for school

I cannot say enough great things about the daycare we chose!  Although drop off was usually a struggle, Ella always had so much fun with her friends .  She was able to meet new kids, learn new things, and most importantly learn that even though someone besides Grandma , Mommy, or Daddy was taking care of her we would always be there at the end of the day to get her.  They even had this wonderful program called “Tadpoles” which allowed me to get pictures throughout the day everyday.  I would like her to start pre- school in the fall , so this was a wonderful stepping stone!

After this gig is over, I will truly be a stay at home parent.  Instead of being nervous about the transition like a few months ago I am really excited about it.  I cannot wait to have my two girls and be there for everything at this point in their lives.  I am truly blessed that I have the ability to stay home, and I do not plan on taking it for granted.  There will obviously be hard days, but I am looking forward to the challenge and to enjoying this season of my life.


I stopped running around 25 weeks pregnant.  This baby is sitting VERY low, and the constant bouncing of running was just too much.  I am sticking with walking and elliptical workouts for the time being, and some great strength training that leaves me feeling strong and tones, despite the increasing size of my body.  I miss my hard and fast workouts so badly.  I cannot wait to be able to run again, I cannot wait to have those endorphins, and I cannot wait to get cleared to exercise again after this baby is born.  I am planning on following the t25 fitness and nutrition program.  I have always loved Shaun T, and do his “Fast and Furious” workout often.  25 minutes a day, 5 days a week seems like something I can handle as a new mom of two, and I cant wait to tackle this new challenge!


Oh my gosh, this little girl.  She turned two in February and she is truly the light of our entire life.  She is social, and out going, and hilarious.  Her vocabulary is exploding, and she amazes me everyday with the things she knows and can do.  Her imagination is wild and her love for life is truly contagious.  With all the spunk and spirit comes some pretty wild toddler tantrums.  But we are learning to deal with them one day at a time.  We follow the 1-2-3 Magic method and I have found it really helpful.  I feel she is a little young for time outs to be truly effective, but as she approaches 2 1/2, I think they will be making a appearance in our parenting.

We are starting things like a big girl bed transition and potty training.  I feel like I was just researching newborn soothing techniques yesterday, and I have no idea how my baby has grown up so fast.  Everyday is better, everyday is easier, and everyday I fall in love with her more and more.

I need to devote an entire post to an Ella update, because she is just at such a fun age right now!




So that is my life lately.  Lots of work, baby growing, attempting to workout, and soaking in every bit of one on one time I can with my little girl before our world is truly rocked !


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