Winter Has Come + A Treadmill Workout

Ok, it is really really cold out.  Like cannot feel your face or your hands and the air literally hurts your skin. Why do I live in New England again?  I always question this decision in the winter.  But every year, without fail, Connecticut quickly regains its wonderful charm in the form of beautiful springs, summers, and falls.  You cannot appreciate the good without some bad, right?  We are braving it by staying home and eating pancakes and drinking copious amounts of coffee.  Life is hard, right?


Today I come to you with my new go-to treadmill workout!  We re-joined the YMCA before Christmas and I am SO happy about this decision.  This membership comes with 2 free hours of child care each time you go.  Even though Ella struggled at first, she now loves going to the child care room.  Yesterday she even ran into the child care room shouting “Bye Mama!  Hi Kids!” .  Jack pot.

Going into this pregnancy I was not in as good of shape as last time.  When I became pregnant with Ella, I was fresh out of marathon training and my body was in tip top shape.  This time around?  Not so much.  I am trying to stick with a run/walk routine that ends up having a pace of 12 minutes / mile.  Not speedy by any means.  But I still get a nice sweat from this, and some wonderful endorphins.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 9.15.29 AM

If I have the energy and the time (and there is something good on the treadmill TV), I can usually convince myself to walk until I hit 4 miles.  I try to do this workout 3-4 times a week and for now that feels really good.

On days I am not running I am walking and doing some weight training.  I am working on a post that features my pregnancy weight training routine.

Do you have any go-to treadmill work outs?  Any tips for battling boredom on the treadmill?


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