Glorious Mornings

I have always been a morning person, so its no surprise that my absolute favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  I firmly believe that mornings should be enjoyed and they truly set the tone for your day.  Since I have a VERY early rising toddler and we do not need to be anywhere on days I am home, breakfast always feels luxurious and amazing.  I know someday soon there will be school to rush off to and children will not as willingly get out of bed.  So I am trying to savor my mornings as much as possible while I can.  There is always fresh brewed coffee (I have this pot, which I always set the night before, other wise sometimes the coffee gets lost in the shuffle and never made.  Which is just unacceptable in my eyes).  I love to make big batches of homemade pancakes and waffles on the weekends and then freeze them for easy breakfasts during the week.  I love the taste of fresh fruit in the morning.  And I love the sound of cooking eggs.  Breakfast is my spirit animal.


Lately I have tried to pack as much nutrients into breakfast as possible .  I find I make better choices throughout my day (at least when it comes to food) when I make a good choice first thing in the morning.  That being said, I have a few morning must-do’s as well as a go-to nutrient packed (and easy to make!) breakfast to share!

1. Tongue scraping.

Tongue scraping is something I started practicing when I learned about Ayurveda in Yoga Teacher Training.  This is an oral hygiene practice that is exactly what it sounds like.  Using a tool to scrape the tongue to remove bacteria, toxins, and other yucky stuff.  You can read more about tongue scraping and why it is so good for you here.  I feel like the yucky morning feeling that is in my mouth when I wake up is instantly gone when I tongue scrape, and its nice to know my body is not reabsorbing the toxins it pushed out onto my tongue during the night.

2.  Warm lemon water

After tongue scraping I always drink a tall glass of warm lemon water before ingesting anything else.  It helps get things moving in my digestive track, and gives me a nice natural boost of energy.  I was not someone who believed in the magic of lemons until I actually started to do this myself.  Now I fully believe that this habit not only gives me energy, but it helps with my skin, cleanses the liver, and keeps me hydrated.  On those early mornings when I a limited in my caffeine intake because of pregnancy or breastfeeding, this habit is a life saver.  Read more about why this is so good for you here.

3.  Layered Yogurt Bowls

My relationship with yogurt has always been up and down.  When I first set out to lose a few pounds after college I thought I had to choose the lowest calorie yogurt that tasted the best (hello Dannon Light and Fit).  As I learned more about processed foods and how to properly fuel my body, I turned to organic greek yogurt .  I will go through spurts of having greek yogurt everyday followed by periods of time where I cannot even look at one more container of the stuff.  Right now I am in love with it and I am having it every day.  For this mornings layered yogurt bowl I used chia seeds (these things are magic, I tell you!), Stonyfield plain organic greek yogurt, blueberries, walnuts, a banana, a few pomegranate seeds, and raw oats.  I layered all ingredients in a narrow glass dish so that it looked picture perfect.


And then proceeded to mix it all together and gobble it down with an extra large mug of half caf. This was eaten at 5AM (yes EATEN at 5AM.  Ella was up at 4:30 today!  YIKES!)  and I was not hungry until well past noon, even with a 3 mile run thrown in there.  A breakfast that is delicious, fast, and keeps you full?  Yes please.

Do you have any morning rituals that you follow?  What is your go to breakfast? 


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