I ran 5 Miles

Summer 2014 has been about many things.  Drinking beer, hanging out with friends, spending time in the back yard with Ella, grilling awesome food.  Exercise happened, but not as intensely or for as long as I would have liked.  I went for 3 mile runs a few times a week, but never really pushed my pace .  I always “planned” on 5-6 mile runs on the weekends but breakfast outings with my family, or afternoons in the back yard during nap time just sounded so much better.

As a result of all the beer, burgers, and non-running; I am starting fall with a solid 8 extra pounds on my body.  I realize 8 pounds is not a huge deal.  But on my small frame, it is noticeable and it may take a while to come off.

So I am re – committing myself to exercise and good eating on the weekends.  I say on the weekends because during the week I have excellent eating habits.  As soon as Friday night hits?  Its like I’m on death row and I cannot order a pizza fast enough.

So on Monday morning I set my alarm, I laced up my sneakers, and I headed out the door for 5 miles.  I told myself today was about distance not pace, but I absolutely could not go home until I had run 5 miles.  And man alive, it felt amazing.

Cheers to a fall filled with running !!


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