5 Day Juice Cleanse and Juicer Review

Hi friends!  I have officially drank the kool-aid and I am a total juice convert.  I love juicing.  I love the taste of juice, I love the rush of energy from all the nutrients, I am a juice juice juice freak.  I received the Omega VRT juicer for Christmas .  I cannot express enough how much I love my juicer.  It is easy to clean, it so efficient at removing the juice from the fruits and veggies, and it is super quiet. I have not found once thing that I don’t like about it yet.  There are less expensive versions out there, but if you are serious about introducing juice into your life and diet I fully recommend you make the investment in the Omega.


After receiving the juicer for Christmas I went all in and did a back flip into the world of juicing.  I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and immediately visited Joe’s website looking for recipes and tips.  When I found the 5 day cleanse I knew I wanted to do this.  It would be an awesome kick start to 2014, and a way for me to make sure juicing became a part of my life for the long haul.  I gave myself the first 5 days of 2014 to clean up my eating in order to make the cleanse a little more manageable.  I did not want to feel so terrible as all the crap was leaving my body that I threw in the towel.  I do not have the luxury of napping or simply not teaching a yoga class during the day because I am feeling tired, so I used the first 5 days to find the juice recipes I liked the best to use during the cleanse.  Once I narrowed down the juices I wanted to use, I got to work.  I prepped all 5 days of juices in 1 afternoon.  IT. TOOK. FOREVER.  I am really glad I did it this way though. I do not think I would have been as successful if I had to prep AND juice everyday.  Prepping all at once on Saturday really made it easy!

juice prep

photo 2 (1)











So here is the low down on how I was feeling during this whole thing:

Day 1:   Felt a little twinge for coffee.  But mostly felt great throughout the day!  I did not teach any yoga this day (I purposely started it on a day off) so had plenty of energy.  I felt pretty tired by the end of the day though, and went to bed really really really early. Day 1, total success.  Juices: I drank 2 Carrot, Apple, Lemon juices , 2 Green Variety’s, and 1 Un-Beetable

Day 2: Woke up feeling awesome.  Plenty of sleep, and ready to start day 2.  I felt the rush of energy after my morning juice that people talk about.  I taught a power yoga class at noon and felt great.  Little head ache toward the end of the day, but I chalked it up to not enough water during the day.  Started to miss the sensation of chewing. JuicesI drank 2 Carrot, Apple, Ginger juices , 2 Green Variety’s, and 1 Un-Beetable

Day 3: Best day yet.  Woke up feeling amazing, again.  And feeling CLEAN.  I just started to feel so light and clean and like nothing was dragging or holding me down.  Pretty amazing feeling if you ask me!  JuicesI drank 2 Sunrises juices , 2 Green Lemonade’s, and 1 Un-Beetable

Day 4: Ok, I am tired of this.  I still feel awesome, but man, I would kill for some coffee.  This day was my busiest of the week (3 yoga classes taught, starting at 6AM and ending at 8PM) so I am sure that had something to do with it.  I was ready to chew again. But I knew I could stick it out for one more day, especially since I had put this all over Instagram. Accountability, people! JuicesI drank 2 Sunrises juices , 2 Green Lemonade’s, and 1 Un-Beetable

Day 5: yay yay yay!  I get to have coffee tomorrow!  And chew!  Can’t wait.  I can stick this out for one more day, but I am ready to kick this ol’ cleanse to the curb.  Even though they still tasted good, I had to hold my nose by the time I got to the last juice on the last day and just choke it down.  But I did it!  5 days, 25 juices, no solid food.  JuicesI drank 2 Sunrises juices , 2 Green Lemonade’s, and 1 Un-Beetable

photo 3 (1)



orange juice


Over all, I am so glad I did the cleanse.  It was an awesome way to detox my body after what I put it through over the holidays.  I shed some weight, got my system back on track, and gave my digestive system and much deserved break.  I would totally and 100% do this again, and I am sure I will.  I now incorporate juice into my life at least 4 times a week.  It gets expensive and is time-consuming, so I do not juice everyday.  I especially like that it boosts my fruit and veggie intake.  I am very good about trying to get the recommended amounts, but man, some days it is just hard!

Do you juice?  Have you done a cleanse?  What is your favorite juice recipe?



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