2014- Grabbing Life By the Horns

We are ten days into 2014 and this year is off to a great start.  Ella is at such a fun age where she is showing more personality and learning new things everyday.  I dropped a few yoga classes, and added a few on different days with different studios.  I am loving our new schedule and the new studios I am working for.  Below are just some things we have been up to in the first 10 days of 2014:

Eating all table food:

Ella is completely off of pureed food and only eating table food now.  Some favorites are pineapple, blueberries, peas, cheese, ham, and noodles with sauce.  One of her favorite activities right now is sharing corn muffins with her corn muffin loving daddy!



Food has been so much fun.  She has really liked most foods that she has tried, and I am trying to get as many fruits and veggies into her before all the food pickiness of being a toddler starts.

Juice Cleanse

I got an awesome juicer for Christmas from my in-laws and immediately became obsessed with all things juice.  I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and really liked the idea of a juice cleanse to start the new year.  The month of December left me feeling hungover, bloated, and tired.  I knew my system needed some major nutrients and I thought a juice cleanse would be the perfect reset button.  So I followed the 5 Day Jump Into Juicing from Reboot With Joe .  I had the greatest experience.  I plan on doing a whole post on a review of this cleanse and for my juicer.




Clean Eating and a New Exercise Routine

After the juice cleanse I was excited to eat incredibly clean again and finally lose the last of the baby weight.  Breakfasts includes either egg whites with salsa or smoothies.  My new go to lunch is tuna on cucumber slices.  I realize I need to really prep meals and plan in order to eat clean during the week.  Our schedule is usually pretty hectic during the week and I find myself all too often just grabbing handfuls of cereal or granola bars or hitting Subway.  I am dedicated to making a serious effort to eat cleaner in 2014



Our new schedule

I am loving our schedule.  When I first left my job to teach yoga part time and be home with Ella, I took on teaching any and every yoga class I could.  I ended up teaching 6 days a week and it was just way too much.  I felt like I was constantly in the car running back and forth to studios, dropping Ella off either at my mother-in-law’s or at child care.  I was giving so much during classes that I didn’t feel I had anything left at home.  Now I am teaching 5 days a week, with two of those days only having 1 class.  Soon it will be 3 days only have one class, and I am really loving it.  Fridays (and soon Thursdays) are amazing because I only teach in the AM and I am back before Stephen leaves for work.  Ella and I spend the rest of the day together without any agenda or place to be.  Sometimes we are in our pj’s all day.  The nap schedule gets stuck to, endless games are played, and I just get to enjoy time with my little girl.


2013 was a year of incredible change and adjustment.  I am so excited for 2014 to be a year of comfort, settling into a wonderful routine, and enjoying.  Yes, that is what 2014 will be all about.  Enjoying everything, every moment, big and small.  Just being present and enjoying.


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