4 Months

Dear Ella,

4 months

On June 22nd you turned 4 months old.  This is the first month that I can honestly say that I BELIEVE you are 4 months old!  You are changing each and every day, learning new things, and showing more and more of your personality.  You are crushing milestones and packing on those ounces like it is your job.  I can honestly say that at this point 4 months is my FAVORITE age.

Month 4 of your life was a big one.  This was the month that mommy returned to work!  Mommy had a rough transition back into the working world, however, I knew you were having a great time playing with your cousins, your aunt, and grandma all day long.  Luckily Grandma sends me lots of pictures of you playing throughout the day!

rock n play

This month we transitioned your out of your swaddle for sleeping because you started to roll over from your back to your front.  This caused some sleep regression and some very tired parents for a few days.  However, after a few rough nights you seemed to find your groove again with sleep.

You are still being exclusively breast fed and have not yet had any formula or solids.  Because your fathers side of the family has so many food allergies we are going to wait to give you solids as close to 6 months as possible.  But I am ready when you are!  Mommy bought lots of colorful spoons, bowls, a mesh feeder, and a fruit and veggie masher.  The rice cereal is in the pantry and ready to be served whenever we feel you are ready!

This month you also celebrated your Great grandparents 60th wedding anniversary with a trip to the Charlestown, RI beach!



We also braved a nice restaurant with three little ones who were up past their bed times to celebrate this amazing anniversary.  You wore a new fancy dress, so at least you looked really pretty while you were melting down.



During month 4 of your life you also decided that baby carrying while facing mommy was just not cool anymore.  You prefer to face forward, see the world, and laugh at that funny baby in the mirror.



You have been practicing sitting up in your anywhere chair and the bump bo!




Overall, 4 months is my absolute favorite age so far.  I cannot wait to see what month 5 brings us!



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