3 Months

Dear Ella,

3 months

I have no idea how it happened, but somehow on May 22nd you turned three months old.  There is so much to say about you that I have no idea where to begin.

Mommy started this journey through motherhood tripping and stumbling, never quite sure if I was doing the right thing.  Always just trying to get through the day, and not incredibly confident in my ability to take care of you.  As the months have gone by, I think we have both found our footing.  We have gotten to know each other so well, and I find myself feeling naked without you on my hip or in your sling.  I can now say with a certain level of confidence, that I am getting the hang of this mothering thing.  I have learned that the only thing consistent is inconsistency, and I am ok with that.  You have become the greatest joy in my life.  My biggest accomplishment.  The apple of my eye.

I watch you everyday, learning new things, taking in the world around you.  Everything you learn is incredible to watch, but it is somewhat sad as well.  With every new milestone I know you are becoming less and less a baby.  I find myself wanting time to just slow down , so I can appreciate you even more than I already do.  You are growing up so fast, showing so much spunky personality, and amazing us each and everyday.

Right now your favorite toys are your play mat and Sophie the giraffe.  You started to actually like tummy time thanks so a really cool toy that Grandma go you and are now an expert roller- over-er from your stomach to your back.  When I come into your room in the mornings you are usually very smiley and ready to start your day.  Every so often there are days when it seems you need a little extra time, so we rock and cuddle in our chair and sing songs until you are ready to start your day.

You have become an awesome crib napper and no longer wake up with a startled shriek when I try to put you down in the crib.  You are still being swaddled, but that will be changing very soon.  You still have an absolute hatred for riding in the car, and mommy has just learned that she does not need to go places as badly as she used to and really is leaning to enjoy her time with her home body baby.

You are still being exclusively breast fed and even though I was once convinced I would stop breast feeding at 3 months because it was just too hard, I am now so happy I stuck with it.  Breast feeding has gotten easier and easier, and as long as my supply keeps up I will be breast feeding you for as long as possible.

Daddy and I have bets going about when we think you will start crawling.  I am saying 5 months at the latest.  That means we only have 2 more months to baby proof our house!  You seem so ready to GO, and I know once you start being able to move you are very unlikely to stop.

Thank you so much for these past three months Ella.  You are an incredibly joy, and constant challenge, and an amazing addition to my life that I would not trade for the world!


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