During the day I am very often over whelmed and feel like a big ball of adrenaline.  I am constantly wondering if I am doing anything right when it comes to my child, and I find myself second guessing my decisions more often than I should.  Then she wakes up from a nap, so happy, and smiles a great big gummy smile as soon as she hears my voice and all those feelings melt away.  Sometimes I hear her on the monitor in the middle of the night, drag myself to feed her in her nursery, feeling so tired and wondering how I will ever stay awake long enough to feed her.  Then I look down at her amazing eye lashes as she feeds, and she pauses for a second to let a sleepy smile creep across her face .  Suddenly I have all the energy in the world and I know that these middle of the night feedings will end all too soon and I need to enjoy them.  I need to enjoy the bonding time with my first child, with my little girl.  photo (3)



There has been a lot that has been over whelming about mother hood, there have been some rough days and nights, and I know that there will always be challenges.  But I need to remember that everything I am doing is worth it.  I love my daughter more than I ever thought possible, and love watching her grow and thrive everyday.  I guess what they say is true when it comes to raising children, the days are long but the years are short.  I need to enjoy every minute with her while I still can!


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