Eat Clean April

After a sugar infused Easter weekend, I am officially dubbing April as Eat Clean April.  30 days of clean eats, plenty of water, and (after Friday’s 6 week post pardum appointment) plenty of exercise.




While I have done my best to eat well while balancing mother hood, I feel like for every good meal I have I am consuming an equal amount of chocolate, sugar, and take out.  The result has been a sluggish mommy with a foggy brain and a still squishy tummy.  I never expected to lose the baby weight yet, but I am doing myself no favors with my recent bad habits.  Bring on the vegetables!



One thought on “Eat Clean April

  1. I came across your blog, while looking for an image for a Clean Eating post I was working on & just started reading. Congrats on Ella. She’s a cutie. And welcome to motherhood. Loved your post about your first postpartum run. You nailed it on the head about motherhood not always being what you expected. 🙂 Well I just wanted to drop you a note & say hi.

    Sapphire @ Life with My Pollitos

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