Eat Clean April Goals

I am a person who responds to limits, so I thought I would set some goals for Eat Clean April.

  • Include a fruit or vegetable at each meal throughout the day.  
  • Drink 8 glasses of water per day
  • Consume nothing that does not benefit my body.  Ask myself the question before putting ingesting anything, “how will my body use this?”.  If I cannot come up with an answer, then I probably should not be eating it.
  • Allow room for treats!  Its going to be geting warmer out this week, so I think allowing myself a frozen yogurt a few times a week would be great motivation.  I will also be in Florida for part of this month.  Luckily there are always amazing farmers markets and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as options when I am there!
  • Exercise once a day.  Even if that exercise is just a walk around the block with Ella.  Get moving!
  • Throw away the damn chocolate eggs.  They are taunting you.


Ok so there it is.  Eat Clean April has commenced!  Can’t wait to blog about this challenge in order to keep myself accountable!


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