Fast Mama Meals- Peppers, Onions, and Black Beans

Before I had Ella I did not understand how Mom’s constantly claimed they did not have time to make healthy food for themselves when they had a newborn.  How much work could a newborn be?  Well now I am eating my words, literally.  I totally see how moms have zero time to EAT, let alone make a healthy meal.

I have a renewed commitment this week in my mission to eat healthy even with a newborn.  I know my meals need to be fast and need to easily be eaten with one hand.

This week at the grocery store I spotted pre-cut peppers and onions.  Perfect!  Buying pre-cut veggies is more expensive then cutting them yourself , but when your time is limited this is the only way to go.

Today for lunch I threw the pre-cut peppers and onions with a little olive oil and chile powder in a pan to sautee.  While those cooked I threw in some black beans that I had rinsed from the can, and voila!!  LUNCH! Made in 5 minutes flat and even included protein and veggies.  I even ate it while I pumped and the little one napped in her swing.  Its all about multi tasking now that I am a mom!

photo (1)



Happy lunching mommies!!


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