Diary of a Crazy Overdue Pregnant Woman

Here is an update I never thought I would write.  My due date has come and gone and I am most definitely still pregnant.




Yesterday we had our first post date doctors appointment, complete with a non- stress test and an ultrasound to make sure our little lady was still happy and healthy on the inside.  The non-stress test showed that her heart rate is holding steady and her movement is substantial for this point in pregnancy.  It also showed that I am not contracting almost at all.  That was pretty disappointing, but at least Ella seems to be doing well and holding strong.

The ultrasound showed that my amniotic fluid is still at a safe level.  The ultrasound tech also scared me to death when she estimated my baby’s weight to be roughly 9 POUNDS.  WHAT?!?  Thank God the doctor then assured me that the ultrasound machine they used was one of their least accurate, and based on her other measurements and what her weight was at 34 weeks that she is probably only slightly over 8 lbs.  This still sounds huge and makes my breath catch in my throat a little.



My exam showed that I have made very little progress since my last check up.  I am still 80% effaced, and just barely starting to dilate (opening, but not even a centimeter yet).  This was discouraging and our conversation turned to the next steps.  My doctors do not like to have woman go much past their 41 week mark.  So if Ella does not decide to come on her own, I will be induced on either Friday or Monday depending on the availability in labor and delivery.

After the doctor left the room I started to cry.  I was feeling hormonal, fat, discouraged, and like my body was failing me.  After a car ride of crying to Stephen, and trip to Home Depot, a nice dinner out, and some texts from my sister and friends, I started to feel a lot better.  Talking about induction was not the conversation I wanted to have, but I think its a good lesson to learn that not everything can go according to plan.  I got pregnant easily, had an amazing 9 months without any scares, and have a healthy and happy baby girl inside of me.  So if the worst part of this journey is that I will need to be induced in order to meet my daughter I am going to call that a win.

I have been off work for a week already.  Instead of feeling stir crazy, I am trying to choose patience.  I am trying to enjoy the fact that I have been able to sleep in, clean my house, catch up on laundry, and participate in a few more yoga teacher training days.  I am soaking up all the time I can with Stephen and dreaming of meeting my little girl.



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