35 Weeks Pregnant

35 weeks


Helllllooooo almost 9 months pregnant!  Wow, that went by fast!  I am starting my 36th week today and I am so excited.  There have been many developments and happenings since the last time I posted and update, so lets get started 🙂

Baby Girl

According to Baby Center baby girl is 18 inches long and over 5 pounds at this point.  We had an ultrasound on December 31st, and she was 4 pounds 15 ounces, so I totally believe that she is over 5 pounds at this point.  She is running out room inside of me at this point as well.  Her movements have become less “somersaulty” and more like sharp jabs. I have felt what feels like feet and elbows sticking out several times as she moves.  I always knew it was a human in there, but being able to identify actual body parts makes it that much more real. I love knowing that all her basic physical developments are pretty much complete at this point and from now until this end it is mostly about weight gain.


We had a few scary days earlier this week.  I lost what ended up being only part of my mucus plug (does everyone agree that “mucus plug” is the worst name for something ever? so gross) on Tuesday.  I called the doctor and she assured me that everything was fine and as long as I was not feeling any contractions or cramping everything was ok.  On Wednesday afternoon I started to have painful and regular contractions.  I called the doctor and she instructed me to leave work, go home, lay on my side and drink 2 big glasses of water.  I was so freaked out at that point, and totally thought I would be having a pre-term baby that night.

I got home, laid down and drank as much water as I could.  After 2 glasses the contractions were still there.  After 4 they were there but were less intense.  Finally after my 6th-7th glass of water they subsided, but would start again if I stood up.  I spent the rest of the night sitting in the rocking chair in her nursery dictating to Stephen all the remaining things we had to do!  Organize the closet, organize the changing table, un-box about a thousand things (monitor, breast pump, baby carrier, etc.).  I am going to pack the hospital bag this weekend just in case.  I have an appointment on Tuesday so I am anxious to see if those contractions made me dilate at all.  Although she would most likely be fine if she was born now, I would still prefer that she stay inside of me and keep cooking for a few more weeks!

I also had another baby shower this past weekend!  I grew up in Pennsylvania, so my mom hosted a shower for me in my hometown so my extended family could attend!  It was beautiful and intimate, and I loved seeing everyone I do not normally get to see when I am in town.  Unfortunately, I do not have many pictures!  Below is a little snap shot of some of the awesome presents I received.




Overall I am feeling really great. I am still trying to walk at least a half hour a day on my treadmill.  Someday’s I can muster up the energy to do an hour, but those longer walks are few and far between at this point.  I am really proud of how active I stayed during pregnancy, and figure the slow down toward the end is a welcome gift that I should take advantage of.

It is amazing the perspective you suddenly have when you are pregnant and carrying your child.  My stomach is huge and I have a dark line running all the way down, my thighs are dimpled, I am close to the heaviest weight I have ever been, and my wedding rings do not fit because of the swelling I am experiencing    But I love it.  I truly feel like my body was made to do this and all the changes in my physical appearance just comes with the territory.

35 weeks down, 5 to go!  Shit is about to get REAL!


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