So long November, Hello December!

Is it just me or did the month of November fly by? I feel like I blinked on November 1st and all of a sudden it was December 1st.  Between our last wedding of the year, my baby shower, yoga teacher training, my birthday, and Thanksgiving November 2012 felt like a whirlwind that left me smiling, happy, and FULL!

In the beginning of November I listed 10 ways I wanted to Make November Fabulous.  I am happy to report that I completed all, except for 1.  The only goal I did not get to was making a pie from scratch.  Regardless,  I am going to count November as a win.  I continued to run well up until the “Race to Fill The Pantry”, finished the nursery, had a successful baby shower, and finished a lot of my required yoga reading!  Another way November was fabulous was I started teaching my very first regular yoga class at a studio!  I teach prenatal yoga every Wednesday night from 7-8 PM at Sacred Rivers Yoga. I am really loving teaching the class so far and am learning so much.  Its an amazing experience to be able to connect, breathe, and move with other pregnant ladies every week.  There are some things that I am experiencing in pregnancy that only a fellow preggie could understand 🙂

I would like to do the same for December.  So here are 10 ways that I plan on making December Fabulous:

  1. Complete our maternity photo shoot (done!  I can’t wait to share the pictures!) and order Christmas cards using one of these pictures!
  2. I am following the Fitnessista challenge of Dine In December.  Basically it is a challenge to eat as many meals and snacks at home as possible.  Stephen and I are in a ridiculous food rut.  Time to change things up a bit with more homemade meals and less take out from the Chinese place around the corner. During the week we are awesome at this.  It is on the weekends that we fail miserably.
  3. Put more effort into creating my prenatal class every week.  I was very timid when I first started teaching and just stuck with the basics.  Now I am ready to sink my teeth in and put forth a lot of effort into creating my weekly class.
  4. Finish my book report for Yoga Teacher Training
  5. Really enjoy the holiday this year.  Like really enjoy.  Enjoy the fact that its the last year we can attend holiday parties without finding a baby sitter.  Enjoy staying out late and sleeping in the next day uninterrupted.  Enjoy all those aspects of “old life” before they become “new life”
  6. Become more centered at work.  I am currently training people on my various tasks for when I am on maternity leave.  Training someone makes said task take twice as long.  I need to remember to breath and remember that training someone is a good thing and it will make the transition to maternity leave seamless and less stressful
  7. Walk on the treadmill more.  This sort of fell by the way-side.  I did other workouts (like lots of yoga and a prenatal strength training video) in November, but I found walking very boring.  It just does not compare to the heart pounding, lungs bursting, pavement pounding running workouts I used to do.  But I know its good for me, and its good for the baby.  So I am going to make a renewed commitment to the treadmill.
  8. Finish my baby reading and attend child birth classes.  When i first found out I was pregnant I was sooo that mom-to-be that order 5,000 booked on pregnancy, childbirth, and having a newborn on amazon.  To say my amazon prime membership paid for itself  is a bit of an understatement.  I have narrowed down which books are crap (I’m sorry but “What to Expect when you are Expecting” should be named “Babies for Dummies”) and which are actually very informative.  I want to finish reading, and have Stephen read what I think is important (ie: “happiest baby on the block”).  We also have child birth classes coming up!  I cannot wait.
  9. Continue with my meditation practice.  Meditation helps me get centered and maintain that calm excitement I was hoping for this holiday season.  So far, so good 🙂
  10. Go on date nights!  Spontaneous date nights are certainly going to be part of our “old life” that will need to give once baby girl is born.  I am excited for our new life, but I want to soak up every last bit of our remaining time as a “family of 2”


Wow, that got wordy and long winded.  Here is a to a fabulous December!!!


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