27 Weeks Pregnant

27 weeks (a little late!!!!) and feeling …. tired.  I wish I had a better week to report, but sadly in pregnancy, just like in life, every week cannot be sunshine and rose pedals.  But just like in anything else when you have a bad week all you can do is breath, honor it, learn from it, and move on.

Baby Girl

According to my sources, at 27 weeks baby girl is just over 2 pounds and 14.5 inches long (or about the size of a head of cauliflower).  She is sleeping and waking at regular intervals (up all night I tell ya.  She will be a great Bucknellian 🙂 ), opening and closing her eyes, and even sucking her fingers.  Her brain is much more active now and her lungs are developing nicely.  In fact, if she were born now, while still very pre mature, her lungs would be capable of functioning  with lots of medical help.  I love knowing that everyday she is growing, getting stronger, and getting ready for her grand entrance into the world


Like I said above, I have had a pretty rough week.  The extreme exhaustion I felt in the first trimester seemed to be back with vengeance.  It took every ounce of my energy to get up in the morning, and actually showering and blow drying my hair were feats of strength.  By the end of the day it was all I could do to put together something for dinner and fall into bed by 8PM.

On Friday I had 26-28 weeks blood tests (including the glucose tolerance test) and a reason for my exhaustion was finally revealed.  While I passed the glucose test with flying colors (Yay for no 3 hour test!  Double yay for no gestational diabetes!), I am very anemic.  Anemia is very common at this point in pregnancy according to my doctor, but my iron levels were pretty low.  Its nice to have a reason for the extreme exhaustion rather than just feeling lazy!

There are always lessons to be learned from having a bad week in life, work, and especially pregnancy.  In the past the way I combat a bad week is by setting up small goals for the next week.  Watch out 28th week of pregnancy, I am ready to take you head on!

28 Week Goals  

  • Increase my iron intake.  Bring on the steak, spinach, and kale!
  • Week 28 includes my BIRTHDAY and THANKSGIVING!  I want to enjoy them.  I cannot help but dream of what next years birthday and Thanksgiving will be like with a 9 month old baby girl in my life.  I imagine they will be very full, very happy, very blessed.
  • WORKOUT!  I need to get some movement in this week.  Walks on the treadmill and body resistance training are planned along with some long walks at my parents house in Pennsylvania when we visit for the holiday
  • Finish washing, folding, and hanging all the baby clothes I have so far.  I cannot tell you what an awesome accomplishment this will be

Week 27 in a nutshell:

Weight gained: No idea.  only sticking to doctor weigh ins from now on

Hours slept: Infinite.  And it did not feel like enough!

Baby Shower thank you notes written: 15.  17 to go!

Blessings counted: Too many to list

Times I have looked at my husband and been so thankful for him: At least 1,000.  Stephen took excellent care of his catatonic wife!


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