My Baby Shower!

On Saturday November 10th, my amazing mother in law hosted a baby shower for me at Abigails in Simsbury, CT.  It was an amazing event that she clearly spent a lot of time planning.

Each table had a different theme and had an abundance of toys to represent this theme that I then got to take home for the baby!  There were so many toys!  I do not think I will need to buy a single toy for at least a year!

The “Beach” Table

The “Bath Time” Table

The “Retro” Table

Everything was thought out and planned.  Every detail was amazing down to the pink martini’s and the adorable napkins

I was so thrilled when so many members of my family in Pennsylvania decided to make the trip to Connecticut for the shower!  The 5 hour drive from central PA is a long and boring one that I have done many times, so I really appreciated the fact that they were willing to take on this trip!

Aunt Vic, my sister Kristi, My mom, Me, Cousin Kimmy, Cousin Kerri, and my Nanny

Two of my best friends from college also made the trip to the shower.  I feel so fortunate that I have been able to stay so close with my friends from college.  I could not imagine life without them at this point.  My daughter is going to have so many amazing and FUN aunts!  I am sure they will be telling her stories about our Bucknell adventures one day 🙂

Auntie Katie, Me, Auntie Steph

I have also been lucky enough to find some amazing girl friends in the area where Stephen and I currently live.  I love my husband dearly, but I have found that to be truly happy I need girlfriends in my life!  These ladies have become incredibly important to me and I am excites for them to be a part of my daughter’s everyday life!

Catherine, Eve, Me, and Beth

I also received so many amazing presents!!  I cannot believe how generous everyone who came to the shower was.  I think its safe to say that Baby Girl is already very loved.

To say that we are now swimming in a sea of pink is an understatement.  So much great baby gear and so many cute outfits!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and celebrated my Baby Girl!!  We are so blessed and lucky to have so many amazing people who wanted to come out and celebrate.  I hope you all had a wonderful time!  I certainly did!


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