The Race to Fill The Pantry 5K

On Sunday November 11th, I laced up my sneakers for what would be my last run as a pregnant woman.  I am SO excited about this race!  The Race to Fill the Pantry is a local 5k that benefits the food pantry.  Every runner brings a food donation, and I was really impressed with the turn out this year.  They had an entire trailer full of food for local residents.

The best part about this race was that my sister, Kristi, and my cousins, Kimmy and Kerri were in town for my baby shower and agreed to run it as well!  Kristi is a seasoned runner with several 5k’s and half marathons under her belt.  Kimmy just started running recently and completed her very first 5k just a few weeks ago.  And Kerri has never run but decided to go for it!  I was so proud of her!

Me, Kerri, Kimmy, and Kristi at the start line

Two of my best friends also ran the race with us.  I started running with Beth last January.  She would run a mile at a time with me and slowly built up to longer and longer distances.  She even completed her first half marathon just a few weeks ago!  Catherine just recently started running.  I created a 5k training plan for her for this race and I am happy to report that she did an excellent job.  I love when friends catch the running bug!

Beth, Me, and Catherine at the start line

The course was as flat as a pancake and took you through some beautiful parts of Glastonbury.  Kerri decided to stick with me the entire time.  It was really nice to catch up with her and help her complete her first 5k!  We decided to take .walking breaks at every mile marker, and this plan worked out really well.  The time flew by and before I knew it we were at the finish line!

Kerri and Me crossing the finish line!

All in all it was a really great way to end my pregnant running career!!  a 5k with 2 of my best friends and family members??  I’ll take it 🙂  Now bring on the long walks !


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