26 Weeks Pregnant

This post is a little late, since I am technically in my 27th week right now!  But at least the picture was taken on time 🙂

Baby Girl

According to Baby Center and What to Expect, during the 26th week of pregnancy means that Baby Girl is 1.75 pounds and measures about 14 inches long.  Or about the size of an English cucumber!  Our baby girl must be measuring slightly bigger, because at the ultrasound on Friday she was much closer to two pounds.  She is moving a lot in there, and the websites say she will soon become pretty cramped!  I believe it!  I loved learning that her eyes are starting to open as well and her brain activity is really picking up.  All this means she is getting closer and closer to being able to come into the world and meet us.  I obviously want her to cook for a little while longer, but I cannot wait to meet this little gal!

Waving “hi!!!!” during our ultrasound on Friday!

First game of peek-a-boo 🙂



Feeling awesome this week.  Uncomfortable and having a hard time sleeping, but that all comes with the territory.  I think my body is officially used to waking up 2 and 3 times a night to  pee because I do not feel as tired as I did when this pleasant side affect first showed up.

I have officially hung up my running shoes.  This past Sunday I completed the Race to Fill The Pantry (race recap coming soon) and decided it was a great time to retire from pregnant running. I plan on still walking on my treadmill and completing my prenatal fitness DVD (review coming soon as well), and teaching prenatal yoga.  So I will still be active, but the pounding and extra weight on my joints that comes from running has just become too uncomfortable.  I cannot wait to lace up my sneakers again when I am cleared to exercise after child birth!

Week 26 in a nutshell…

Weight gained: 17 pounds (per my home scale), 20 per the doctors scale.

Stretch marks: NO!!  moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!

Best moment of the week: The ultrasound and my baby shower!

Cravings: Apples and Bagels.

Days until Thanksgiving (best holiday to be pregnant during EVER!): 11





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