Helloooo Christmas Music

I love the holidays.  I start with Christmas music on Pandora the day after Halloween.  As much as I love it, I normally feel a sense of urgency when it comes to this time of year.  I have a crazy excitement about the magic of the season, but also a panicky need to GET-EVERYTHING-DONE.  Find the perfect presents, decorate the house, make Christmas cookies, order Christmas cards and get them addressed ASAP.  However, after reading this quote from one of  my favorite bloggers (Enjoying the Small Things) :

“But there is three-shots-of-espresso-in-a-styrofoam-cup kind of excitement and there is tea-with-milk-and-honey-served-in-elegant-china kind of excitement.  I want to be the latter.  Calm enthusiasm.  Content to just be.”

I realized there is plenty of time to get everything done.  I want the holidays (especially next year with Baby Girl P) to be about being together and giving thanks for everyone around us.  Just being. Limit the sense of urgency.  Cross items off the never ending to do list as I do them. And realize that my to do list it is in fact “never ending ” so it is perfectly OK if items do not get crossed off in an urgent manner. Turn off the TV at night, light my “Christmas Cookie” candle and sip on some hot apple cider (sans whiskey this year).

So for today, I am going to actively practice this calm enthusiasm.  Sipping my tea at my desk, listening to the Glen Miller Holiday station on Pandora.  Breathing, being, enjoying.


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