We are 6 days into November and I have seen a flurry of gratitude themed posts on various social media sites.  So many of the posts have been related to “things” or circumstances.  Of course it is very important for us to be grateful for “having” these things and circumstances (I am thankful for my house, my husband, my working car, etc.) and to recognize that we live in a society of abundance and many luxuries.  However, I cannot help by be reminded that sometimes “not having” can be an incredible catalyst for change in our lives and a wonderful opportunity to grow and mature as human beings.

I am so overwhelmingly happy for everything I have in my life.  My husband, my health, my baby growing inside me, my house.  But for today I would like to take a minute to recognize the moments of not – having and moments of heart ache that have brought me to this moment in life .

I am thankful for my husbands period of unemployment.  It was an incredibly hard 7 months in the beginning of our marriage but it made us stronger than I ever could have imagined.  I am now convinced we will be able to get through anything life throws at us.

I am thankful for how cruel my high school friends were during my first year of college.  This period of nastiness taught me how to recognize a true friend and to be incredibly thankful for my college friends

I am thankful for my horrific first marathon experience. My first full marathon was terrible.  I was not adequately trained or hydrated, I twisted my ankle at mile 15, and was not prepared for the weather that day.  This terrible first experience made me appreciate my second full marathon so much more.  The River Towns Race Marathon this past May was one of the best days of my life where I set a 50 minute PR and got to run the last half of the race with my Dad and sister.  I do not think I would have appreciated that experience as much if it has not been for the horrible first marathon

I am thankful for the boyfriend who cheated on my in college. About a year before I met Stephen I was in a very serious relationship.  I probably would have ended up marrying this person and it would have been a disaster.  Thank God he cheated on me and we ended the relationship.

I am thankful for my eating disorder. In high school, college, and the very early part of my marriage I was bulimic and struggled day in and day out with this disease.  Through my treatment I have learned how to eat, how to love my body, and how to honor my body for its flaws its needs and its strengths.  My eating disorder made me resilient and strong, and I do not think I would be who I am today with out having gone through that battle.

What are you thankful for this month?



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