Making November Fabulous

I cannot believe today is October 31st!  This month has literally flown by in a whirlwind of weddings, yoga teacher training, and a little thing I like to call Hurricane Sandy.  I try to re assess my goals and my New Years Resolutions at the beginning of every month.  I find its easiest to achieve big goals by setting mini- goal at the beginning of each month and taking baby steps towards the bigger picture.  My biggest New Years Resolution’s this year involved getting pregnant (check!) and saving enough money so I can take an extended (and unpaid) maternity leave.  We are already pregnant and are ahead of the game on the savings front!

Below are the 10 ways I plan to make November both productive and fabulous!

  1. Continue to save for maternity leave.  Even if we are ahead, stick with the savings schedule just in case there are any “surprises” leading up to maternity leave!
  2. Finish Christmas shopping so December will be as stress free as possible .  I did this last year and I was really able to get into the holiday spirit all December long!
  3. Continue to run 2-3 miles until the beginning of the 3rd trimester (November 10th). Complete my pregnant running career by running the Race to Fill The Pantry 5k the day after my baby shower with my friends and family!
  4. Make at least one home made pie.  From scratch.
  5. Finish Baby Girl’s nursery
  6. Celebrate my birthday!!!!  My birthday falls the day before Thanksgiving this year, so I will be spending it working and traveling to PA for the holiday.  But I’m sure it will still be amazing 🙂
  7. Celebrate the first of two baby showers!
  8. Finish at least 2 of my required readings for yoga teacher training.  Tedious reading that just has to be done.
  9. Celebrate “Friends-Giving”!  Stephen and I have made an awesome group of friends where we live and every year we get together for a potluck style Thanksgiving dinner.  It is always a lot of fun with an amazing amount of wine and food.  I plan on making up for my lack of wine consumption this year with extra stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, and everything else that is brought.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
  10. And of course, celebrate Thanksgiving with my family!  We are spending Thanksgiving in PA this year with my side of the family and I am thrilled to have 4 full days of family fun.  I am most looking forward to a turkey leg, stuffing balls, Middlesworth BBQ chips (a central PA staple), LT Evans Wings, seeing my niece and nephew, hanging out with my siblings, early morning talks on the porch with my Dad over large mugs of hot coffee before the rest of the house is awake, and so many other wonderful things 🙂

Cheers to wrapping up October and to a FABULOUS November!

Do you track your goals?  Do you make large goals or mini-goals?  How do you accomplish them?


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