Nursery Planning

Baby girl’s nursery is almost done, but I wanted to share some of my inspiration I used for the room.  From the time I knew I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to buy a Jenny Lind crib.  Whether Baby P was a girl or a boy, I knew this crib would be perfect.

I have always pictured a light grey nursery with either pink or blue accents.  As soon as I found out the little bun in the oven was in fact a girl (which I thought all along, and everyone thought I was crazy) I couldn’t wait to Google image and Pinterest my day away.  Below are some of my favorite pink and grey inspiration pictures.

I love the grey rocking elephant.  Too cute.

Love the wall decal behind the crib.  I could not wait to find the perfect wall decal for our baby girls nursery.

The room we are using for the nursery has an accordion style closet door.  I worried about little fingers getting pinched and did not like how much space this wasted in an already small room.  We decided to take the closet doors off (my husband was thrilled not to have to paint ANOTHER closet door) and replace them with pink curtains.  This is what I pictured.

I have also channeled my crafty side and created a decoration for the changing table that I found on Pinterest.

And here is my version…

Not too bad!!  I can’t wait to share a full nursery tour as soon as we are done!


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