Yoga Teacher Training- What I have Learned

This past weekend I attended my 6th weekend of yoga teacher training.  This puts me half way through the 200 hour training at Sacred Rivers Yoga Studio.  I feel so amazingly lucky to be a part of this program.  The 200 hour program is made up of 12 consecutive weekends of training, plus 40 non-contact hours which I have chosen to fill by teaching a yoga class at work every week for free.

I started the program in the end of May 2012, and found out I was pregnant 2 weeks later. I knew that I would not be able to finish the program before my baby was born, but I do not think it is any coincidence that I was already carrying my first child when I committed to complete this program.

I have learned so much through my yoga teaching training.  I have learned how to truly communicate with my body and how to meditate more effectively.  I have learned the importance of living more in the present while at the same time working toward my future goals.  I have learned to take life one breath at a time, and that someone else’s decisions do not necessarily have anything to do with me.  I have become less judgmental  and let go of a lot of anger I used to hold on to.  I have realized that there can be a balance between respecting who I truly am with still running a successful household.  I spent years looking for meaning and balance and for ways to let go of past situations. I never found the answers through religion or therapy or any other way that I ever attempted.  But yoga, and yoga teacher training, has brought me at least to the path to finding these answers.

Yoga teacher training and starting a meditation practice has done all of this for me and more that I cannot even attempt to put into words.  I am so grateful that I learned all these lessons and feel more grounded in my life before my daughter was born.  I think it will make the transition into parenthood that much easier.

What lessons did you learn before you had kids that you were thankful for?


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