5 Day Juice Cleanse and Juicer Review

Hi friends!  I have officially drank the kool-aid and I am a total juice convert.  I love juicing.  I love the taste of juice, I love the rush of energy from all the nutrients, I am a juice juice juice freak.  I received the Omega VRT juicer for Christmas .  I cannot express enough how much I love my juicer.  It is easy to clean, it so efficient at removing the juice from the fruits and veggies, and it is super quiet. I have not found once thing that I don’t like about it yet.  There are less expensive versions out there, but if you are serious about introducing juice into your life and diet I fully recommend you make the investment in the Omega.


After receiving the juicer for Christmas I went all in and did a back flip into the world of juicing.  I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and immediately visited Joe’s website looking for recipes and tips.  When I found the 5 day cleanse I knew I wanted to do this.  It would be an awesome kick start to 2014, and a way for me to make sure juicing became a part of my life for the long haul.  I gave myself the first 5 days of 2014 to clean up my eating in order to make the cleanse a little more manageable.  I did not want to feel so terrible as all the crap was leaving my body that I threw in the towel.  I do not have the luxury of napping or simply not teaching a yoga class during the day because I am feeling tired, so I used the first 5 days to find the juice recipes I liked the best to use during the cleanse.  Once I narrowed down the juices I wanted to use, I got to work.  I prepped all 5 days of juices in 1 afternoon.  IT. TOOK. FOREVER.  I am really glad I did it this way though. I do not think I would have been as successful if I had to prep AND juice everyday.  Prepping all at once on Saturday really made it easy!

juice prep

photo 2 (1)











So here is the low down on how I was feeling during this whole thing:

Day 1:   Felt a little twinge for coffee.  But mostly felt great throughout the day!  I did not teach any yoga this day (I purposely started it on a day off) so had plenty of energy.  I felt pretty tired by the end of the day though, and went to bed really really really early. Day 1, total success.  Juices: I drank 2 Carrot, Apple, Lemon juices , 2 Green Variety’s, and 1 Un-Beetable

Day 2: Woke up feeling awesome.  Plenty of sleep, and ready to start day 2.  I felt the rush of energy after my morning juice that people talk about.  I taught a power yoga class at noon and felt great.  Little head ache toward the end of the day, but I chalked it up to not enough water during the day.  Started to miss the sensation of chewing. JuicesI drank 2 Carrot, Apple, Ginger juices , 2 Green Variety’s, and 1 Un-Beetable

Day 3: Best day yet.  Woke up feeling amazing, again.  And feeling CLEAN.  I just started to feel so light and clean and like nothing was dragging or holding me down.  Pretty amazing feeling if you ask me!  JuicesI drank 2 Sunrises juices , 2 Green Lemonade’s, and 1 Un-Beetable

Day 4: Ok, I am tired of this.  I still feel awesome, but man, I would kill for some coffee.  This day was my busiest of the week (3 yoga classes taught, starting at 6AM and ending at 8PM) so I am sure that had something to do with it.  I was ready to chew again. But I knew I could stick it out for one more day, especially since I had put this all over Instagram. Accountability, people! JuicesI drank 2 Sunrises juices , 2 Green Lemonade’s, and 1 Un-Beetable

Day 5: yay yay yay!  I get to have coffee tomorrow!  And chew!  Can’t wait.  I can stick this out for one more day, but I am ready to kick this ol’ cleanse to the curb.  Even though they still tasted good, I had to hold my nose by the time I got to the last juice on the last day and just choke it down.  But I did it!  5 days, 25 juices, no solid food.  JuicesI drank 2 Sunrises juices , 2 Green Lemonade’s, and 1 Un-Beetable

photo 3 (1)



orange juice


Over all, I am so glad I did the cleanse.  It was an awesome way to detox my body after what I put it through over the holidays.  I shed some weight, got my system back on track, and gave my digestive system and much deserved break.  I would totally and 100% do this again, and I am sure I will.  I now incorporate juice into my life at least 4 times a week.  It gets expensive and is time-consuming, so I do not juice everyday.  I especially like that it boosts my fruit and veggie intake.  I am very good about trying to get the recommended amounts, but man, some days it is just hard!

Do you juice?  Have you done a cleanse?  What is your favorite juice recipe?


Meals and Fitness for the Week

Eat Clean 2014 is well underway.  And I have to say, we are hitting the ball out of the park.  We had friends over for dinner last night and instead of the cheesy , creamy, calorie dense food I would normally make for a dinner party I went simple and light and it was a big hit.  I made a turkey- kale chili  that I could seriously eat every day for the rest of my life and die a happy woman.  I paired it with some home made corn bread (which I also used to make corn dogs for the kids. HUGE HIT!).  I woke up not regretting a single item I put into my mouth and not feeling hungover, thanks to the fact that I stuck to seltzer and lime the whole night.  I am going to call this a major win.

turkey kale

In fact, I woke up with so much energy that I meal planned and fitness planned right away and went straight to the grocery store after Ella woke up from her morning nap.

Monday: Run 3 miles, Lemon and Herb chicken with sugar snap peas

Tuesday: Live Love Teach yoga pod cast, Italian chicken with pasta and marinara and sweet peas

Wednesday: rest, Beef strew in the crock pot with carrots and potatoes

Thursday: Love Love Teach yoga pod cast, Roasted broccoli with parmesan cheese and walnuts over brown rice

Friday: Run 5 miles, usually Fridays are take out or out to eat night.

Of course, things happen that are unexpected throughout the week and I know that I may not be able to stick to this plan.  I go into this knowing that I need to be flexible, but having a guideline for how the week should go food and fitness wise is incredibly helpful.

Now that the grocery shopping is done, and plans are all laid out I can concentrate on more important Sunday things.  Like large mugs of coffee, a 6 mile run, and watching my favorite little thing play.  While in a fancy Sunday tu tu of course.  Happy Sunday, friends.

photo (8) copy

Baby Sleep Training

**please note, all posts about sleep are solely based on my experience with my baby.  please talk to your pediatrician before sleep training to make sure it is safe for your baby at that time**

After the nightmare that was 4 month sleep regression,  we decided we seriously needed to come up with a plan to begin to help Ella sleep through the night. I remembered reading that 80% of families did some sort of sleep training with young children, and that although sleep is one of the most natural activities we do a lot of children need help to figure the whole thing out.

Although I have tried to never take any one book as gospel; Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Babies really helped with sleep training. It made me realize that teaching Ella to sleep was not cruel, it was a valuable life lesson that would help her (and me) for years to come.

When we sleep trained:

I had read that the easiest time to sleep train a baby was at 6 months, before they learn object permanence.  After that , the baby knows that you are on the other side of the door and it takes them much longer to learn to soothe themselves.  Ella turned 6 months on Thursday August 25th, and that weekend was her baptism.  The following weekend Stephen and I were out of town for a wedding and Ella was staying with my mother in law.  I knew it would probably take at least a week of consistent controlled comforting for her to get it, so we pulled the trigger about a week before she turned 6 months.  In the weeks leading up to sleep training I stopped feeding Ella when she woke up at night.  I wanted to see if she could go this long without eating and she did great. She did not sound starving when she cried, and she did not wake up famished.  Once I knew she could get through the night without a snack, I knew we were good to go and she was waking out purely out of habit and inability to make herself fall back to sleep.

How we sleep trained:

Stephen and I decided to use a graduated extinction (or controlled comforting) method to sleep train Ella.  I did not have the heart or the emotional ability to do a straight Cry-It-Out method.  The plan was on the first night to follow her normal bed time routine which had been the same since she was roughly 8 weeks old (bath, massage, nursing, rocking/singing, bed).  But instead of rocking her until she fell asleep, we simply put her down after about 5 minutes of rocking.  Of course she cried, she was not used to this!  Below is how the whole thing played out:

Night 1:

6:30- bath, massage, nursing, pj’s

6:55- upstairs to rock in her room with the sound machine

7:00- put her down in her crib, started to cry

7:05- first round of comforting

7:15- second round of comforting

7:20- ASLEEP!!!

1AM- Crying. Started the timer.

1:15- first round of comforting. literally felt my heart breaking as I walked out of the room.

1:20- asleep!

630AM- awake!

Wow, that first night went so much better than I thought it would.  Previously, she was up 4 or 5 times a night.  By letting her fall asleep on her own, it looks like she was able to roll over and go back to sleep whenever she woke up in the middle of the night.  Maybe she figured out she did not need me to put her back to sleep every time she woke up.  Whatever it was, it worked!

Night two was very similar.  And by night 3 we had a baby who slept 11-12 hours.  Holy crap on a cracker that felt good!

The aftermath:

Outside of special nights when she is teething or sick, Ella is a fantastic sleeper.  Since we sleep trained she consistently sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes two long-ish naps a day.  One aspect of sleep we have been battling is that she continually wanted to go to bed earlier and earlier, which means wake up time has gotten earlier and earlier.  We can generally keep her awake until 630PM, but then many morning she is up between 5 and 530AM.  I try to count my lucky stars that she sleep through the night so well, but sometimes that is hard while I am cursing at the coffee pot to BREW FASTER at 5AM while she crawls around my legs with all the energy in the world.  But I digress.

The bottom line is that you need to do what is right for you, your family, and most importantly your baby.  If a family bed works for you, go for it.  If waiting until your child figures out sleep on their own is the best for you, by all means, make that your game plan.  No one knows your baby better than you do, and no one can tell you what the best course of action is for you as a parent.  We choose to sleep train because it was best for us.  We felt that as long as we were attentive and affectionate parents the rest of the time we spent with Ella, that 3 nights of crying out not overshadow that.  She is such a happier baby and we are happier parents when we are well rested and functioning on all cylinders.

Would I do it again?  In a heart beat.  Anything to see this face well rested and ready to tackle the day :)


2014- Grabbing Life By the Horns

We are ten days into 2014 and this year is off to a great start.  Ella is at such a fun age where she is showing more personality and learning new things everyday.  I dropped a few yoga classes, and added a few on different days with different studios.  I am loving our new schedule and the new studios I am working for.  Below are just some things we have been up to in the first 10 days of 2014:

Eating all table food:

Ella is completely off of pureed food and only eating table food now.  Some favorites are pineapple, blueberries, peas, cheese, ham, and noodles with sauce.  One of her favorite activities right now is sharing corn muffins with her corn muffin loving daddy!



Food has been so much fun.  She has really liked most foods that she has tried, and I am trying to get as many fruits and veggies into her before all the food pickiness of being a toddler starts.

Juice Cleanse

I got an awesome juicer for Christmas from my in-laws and immediately became obsessed with all things juice.  I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and really liked the idea of a juice cleanse to start the new year.  The month of December left me feeling hungover, bloated, and tired.  I knew my system needed some major nutrients and I thought a juice cleanse would be the perfect reset button.  So I followed the 5 Day Jump Into Juicing from Reboot With Joe .  I had the greatest experience.  I plan on doing a whole post on a review of this cleanse and for my juicer.




Clean Eating and a New Exercise Routine

After the juice cleanse I was excited to eat incredibly clean again and finally lose the last of the baby weight.  Breakfasts includes either egg whites with salsa or smoothies.  My new go to lunch is tuna on cucumber slices.  I realize I need to really prep meals and plan in order to eat clean during the week.  Our schedule is usually pretty hectic during the week and I find myself all too often just grabbing handfuls of cereal or granola bars or hitting Subway.  I am dedicated to making a serious effort to eat cleaner in 2014



Our new schedule

I am loving our schedule.  When I first left my job to teach yoga part time and be home with Ella, I took on teaching any and every yoga class I could.  I ended up teaching 6 days a week and it was just way too much.  I felt like I was constantly in the car running back and forth to studios, dropping Ella off either at my mother-in-law’s or at child care.  I was giving so much during classes that I didn’t feel I had anything left at home.  Now I am teaching 5 days a week, with two of those days only having 1 class.  Soon it will be 3 days only have one class, and I am really loving it.  Fridays (and soon Thursdays) are amazing because I only teach in the AM and I am back before Stephen leaves for work.  Ella and I spend the rest of the day together without any agenda or place to be.  Sometimes we are in our pj’s all day.  The nap schedule gets stuck to, endless games are played, and I just get to enjoy time with my little girl.


2013 was a year of incredible change and adjustment.  I am so excited for 2014 to be a year of comfort, settling into a wonderful routine, and enjoying.  Yes, that is what 2014 will be all about.  Enjoying everything, every moment, big and small.  Just being present and enjoying.

Ella’s First Christmas

Every time I think about getting caught up on blogging, I just get over whelmed and take a nap.  So lets just start from last week :)

We celebrated Ella’s first Christmas with my side of the family in Pennsylvania.  We left at bedtime on Monday night (the best and only time to travel with a child who still hates the car).  This was perfect because it meant we got to spend all of Christmas Eve Day at my sisters house!  Ella had a wonderful time with her cousins.  She is at such a fun age and it was amazing watching her interact with my sisters kids.  She and Blake are only about 10 weeks apart and they were particularly interested in each other.  On Christmas Day, after all the presents were opened, we headed to my parents house about an hour away to spend a few days relaxing, eating, and enjoying each other company.  

Having a child during the holidays has been stressful, and fun, and amazing, and exhausting.  We nixed our tree this year because it just sounded terrible to try and keep Ella away from all the pointy needles and glass ornaments.  Christmas morning she had no idea what was happening, but totally fed off the excitement from her cousins.  She squealed with delight as she played with ribbons and bows and wrapping paper.  It made me really excited for next year when she has more of an idea of what is happening!

photo (8) photo (9) photo (10) photo (11) photo (12)photo (8) copy

8 Months

Hmm, it seems I have skipped a few months of updates :)  Lets make up for that shall we?



Last time I gave an update on Ella she was 4 months old, and I had no idea that we were about to go through 4 month sleep regression.  But you know all about that, and at this point in her life there is SO much more to Ella than her sleep schedule.

For one thing, she is EATING!  I mean really eating.  Solid food, finger food, everything.  We started her on rice cereal around 5 1/2 months.

rice cereal

I was trying to wait until 6 months because of food allergies, but sister was HUNGRY.  She did wonderful with rice cereal, and we slowly started adding other foods.  I am having a blast cooking for her and introducing new food.  Right now her favorites are :

  • blueberry puffs (I am use the Organic Super Puffs)
  • blueberry or banana Stonyfield Yo Baby yogurt
  • steamed Spinach pureed with apples (my favorite to make too because its SO easy!)
  • broccoli pureed with pears (again, very easy to make)
  • shredded mozzarella cheese (cannot get it into her mouth fast enough)
  • apple cinnamon oatmeal
  • apples

Ella used to love avocado but  one day after having one for lunch she woke up from her nap covered in hives and with almost totally swollen shut eyes.  I had a minor freak out, pulled on my big girl/mommy panties and then took her to the hospital.  They said it was just a mild reaction but to avoid avocado’s for the time being.  She will most likely grow out of it, thankfully.  A life without guacamole does not sound like a very pleasant life to me.

Ella starting crawling at 7 months and man, she is on the move.  One of my favorite things to do right now and just walk behind her as she explores.  I cannot imagine what is going through her mind as she explores our house.  She is seeing everything with brand new eyes, and I want her to always have a healthy sense of adventure.  I am not really into telling her “no” at this point, unless she is doing something that is dangerous (why is my house so full of SHARP EDGES!).  I will obviously need to start setting boundaries and telling her no soon, but for now I am just enjoying watching her take in this whole new world.  She is an expert furniture surfer now too and we had to replace our coffee table with a leather ottoman in hopes of avoiding any severe head injuries.

Her sleep has been AWESOME (knock on wood) we practiced graduated extinction for sleep training at 6 months and it worked so well.  She takes two long naps a day (morning nap is usually about 2 1/2 hours after she wakes up and afternoon nap is around 2PM most days) that range in length from an hour to an hour and a half.  She is in bed asleep by 7PM, and generally sleeps until 6 or 630.  Every 4th or 5th day or so she seems to be ready to party at 4AM, but luckily those days are getting fewer and far between.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, this is my FAVORITE age :)

My New Attitude Toward Morning Nap

When Ella first fell into a predictable sleep pattern around 6 months it included a morning nap, an afternoon nap, sometimes an early evening nap and a full night sleep.  So much better than the 4 month sleep regression we had just experienced.

It took about 3 weeks of solid uninterrupted night sleep for me to feel human again.  At that point I started using her nap times to FINALLY get shit done.  I was able to do laundry, and dishes, and make yoga classes.  Naps meant I had a whole hour to hour and a half to race around like a crazy person and go on a chore rampage.

Something funny happens when you just go go go and do not stop to think about yourself or your needs.  You forget to eat, you forget to drink water, you spend so much energy giving that you forget to sit and receive some of the best things about life.  Like that first sip of coffee in the morning, a really comfy pair of slippers, or a nice cozy oversized sweat shirt that smells like your husband.  Energy is not a renewable resource, and it can become depleted pretty quickly when you do not take the time to refuel, recharge, and reboot.  So there in lies my new attitude toward morning nap.

I know the days of having only one child to tend to are limited and that once a second child or third comes moments to ENJOY coffee and slippers and sweat shirts will be harder to come by.  So until the day I can’t , Ella’s morning nap will be spent on the couch with a GIANT mug of coffee (or two now that I am not longer breast feeding!) enjoying myself.  Recharging my batteries, refueling my soul, and just simply being.  Afternoon nap will be spent doing chores or creating yoga classes, but the glorious morning nap will be spent doing this, and only this.

Feet warming at a fireplace with hands holding coffee

Baby Sleep- 4 Month Sleep Regression

**please note, all posts about sleep are solely based on my experience with my baby.  please talk to your pediatrician before sleep training to make sure it is safe for your baby at that time**

I wrote a post on sleep for a baby at 7 weeks awhile back.  Little did I know at the time how often baby sleep changes.  As soon as you think you have it figured out the little bugger goes and changes everything. Its a motherhood right of passage, learning that for those first few months (for most of us at least) there is no such thing as a schedule.  Or at least not one that lasts longer than a week.  And even when there is eventually a schedule, flexibility if the name of the game and you need to know that teeth, colds, special occasions, or a Monday after a weekend away can totally throw it for a loop.

Ella was always a great sleeper.  She was text book really.  She easily fell into the patterns I had read about in “Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Babies”, and with a little reinforcement from myself and Stephen she fell into some pretty predictable sleep habits.  As she got older, wake times increased in length, sleep consolidated, her first stretch of sleep at night was getting longer and longer.  At 3-4 months she took about 4 naps a day, and her first stretch of sleep would be 8-10 hours, followed by a short sleep of 2-3 hours before waking up for the day.

I had read about 4 month sleep regression when I was doing all of my baby sleep research.  I had read that this was the point when babies sleep starts to more resemble that of an adults, rather than a newborn.  I crossed my fingered that it wouldn’t happen to us, but alas, one night when Ella was about 4 1/2 months old I heard her crying.  I looked at the clock, expecting it to be between 3-5 AM (her normal wake up time at that point for a nighttime feeding) and was shocked to see that it was only 11PM.  I thought it was strange, but went into her room, fed her, comforted her, and put her back down easily.  I went back to bed and expected not to hear from her again until 5AM.  I woke up to a cry and looked at the clock. 1230 AM.  OH. MY. GOD.  I knew it was starting.  And I knew there was very little I could do about it.

The next 6 weeks or so were a blur.  She was still sleeping pretty well during the day, and going down well at night between 7-8PM, but night time became a nightmare.  Starting around 10-11PM every night she would be up frequently.  Sometimes every hour.  She was harder to put back down than when she was a new born because she was just so AWARE.   She was also getting used to life without a swaddle, which presented problems of its own.  These frequent night time wake ups happened for the next month to month and a half, until we sleep trained her right around 6 months.  I am going to write a separate post about sleep training entirely (we used graduated extinction) but for now I just want to give some tips for getting through 4 month sleep regression without completely losing your mind:

  • Go to bed as soon as baby goes to bed.  This is tough, especially if you want to spend time with your partner or horizontal on the couch.  I didn’t do this every night, but when I did I felt more ready to meet her needs during those frequent night time wake ups.
  • Send Dad in.  Take turns going into the babies room with your partner.  As terrible as it sounds, sometimes the baby realizes Dad is just not worth waking up for.  This never happened with us, but at least when Stephen went in I could stay in bed
  • Don’t create bad habits.  If co-sleeping is not something you want to do, then do not start now.  If you want to co- sleep, than by all means go for it.  I am not one to judge.  But if co-sleeping is simply not for you, do not fall into this habit.  It will be so hard to break.  I realized co-sleeping kept her asleep for long periods of time and had to try my hardest not to give into it.  The good thing is that when I really need a solution fast (ie: in a hotel room) I know that I can pull her into bed with me and she will sleep like a baby (a baby that is not going through 4 month sleep regression, that is).
  • Do not expect much of yourself during the day.  Ella went through this lovely phase before I had left my job.  So going to work everyday was a friggin’ nightmare.  I could barely hold my head up let alone talk to hedge fund managers about amortizing their legal expenses.  Do not hold yourself to an impossible standard.  Did you get dressed today?  Good.  You are already ahead of the curve.
  • Do not beat yourself up.  This is a totally natural and normal phase that babies go through.  I just kept telling myself that Ella was going through this because her brain was developing correctly.  This was a GOOD thing.

It does not last forever, but it really does suck while its happening.  Just breath deep, enjoy some extra snuggles with those night time wake ups (really the only silver lining in the whole thing) and know that when you get that first night of good sleep after this it will feel so so so good!


Taking a leap of Faith: Leaving My Job

Warning: very very wordy post below!

When I was 18 years old I decided I wanted to be an accountant.  My dad had been an accountant, had a Ph.D. in business and accounting, and taught accounting and finance as a professor at Bucknell University.  I loved it.  I totally geek’d out on the numbers, I loved the way everything was SO logical, and I loved that there was ALWAYS a right answer.  And excel?!?!  Give me a break.  The best.


I went through 4 years of college, and LOVED my accounting classes.  I loved my finance classes.  I landed an internship with the best accounting firm in the country, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the summer between my junior and senior year.  This lead to a full time offer.  I was well on my way to what I thought I always wanted, to be a partner at a big 4 accounting firm.


Remember the saying “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plan”? .  Well, lets just say He would have laughed in my face if he heard my 5, 10, and 15 year plans.  Married. Senior accountant. Kids. Manager. Director. Partner. Ha! It all blew up in my naive little face.  I knew within 2 weeks of starting at PwC that this line of work, public accounting, was just not for me. But my god, I had just spent YEARS preparing for this.  THIS was the big time.  Why was I not loving this?  I felt like a failure .


Long story short, I left this job for another accounting job after only a year with the firm.  I started as an investment accountant for an independent administrator in 2009 and at first I loved it.  I loved the people, loved my boss, loved the work.  I was never crazy about the type of people that were my clients, the big wig hedge fund managers who helped bring this country and the world on the brink of disaster.  But man, I loved doing their accounting.  Slowly the but surely, the mis management of the company I was working for, the abusive clients, and the fact that I just never felt like I was HELPING anyone, it all started to weigh on me.  I needed a change, I needed an outlet.

In May 2012 I decided to get my Yoga Teacher certification.  It was an incredible journey that truly allowed me to find myself.  I fell in LOVE with teaching yoga, and deepened my practice to a level I never knew possible.  I had always concentrated on the physical aspect of yoga, but going through teacher training allowed me to come to know a spiritual side of yoga.  About 2 weeks after beginning teaching training I found out I was pregnant with Ella.  Over the next 10 months I changed as a woman, a soon to be mom, a yoga instructor, and as an accountant.  I no longer felt the urgency I had once felt with my clients.  I honestly no longer cared if their deadlines were met because, let face it, this stuff was not life and death.  I was seeing the more meaningful side of life in a deep spiritual yoga practice and growing a life inside of me.  Frankly, hedge funds just did not matter to me anymore.


After I went back to work in June 2013, I knew it would not last.  I sat down with my husband, crunched some numbers and realized that we had enough in savings for me to not bring any money in for a year.  In that time I decided I would build my yoga practice and try to make a part time career out of it.  I questioned my decision constantly until I gave my notice.  Was I doing the responsible thing?  I make good money and have a secure job, was I being selfish in leaving this security behind? In the end, what it came down to was Ella.  Not only being able to care for her every single day, but also allowing her to see her mom doing something she was passionate about.  I wanted her to know that life does not need to be all about money and paychecks and power and client approval.  Life is about so much more.  I wanted to practice what I would preach to her, so in the end of June I gave my notice.  I agreed to stay until the end of quarter books were closed, which would mean my last day would be August 1st.


I walked out those doors on August 1st and have never looked back.  I have learned to live without the big paycheck and the bonus and living for the approval of my clients .  I get to snuggle with my daughter in the morning in our pj’s until 10 if I want to.  I get to only concentrate on HER if she is having a bad night, rather than worrying how my work will be affected the next day.  And I get to leave 16 hours a week (so far) and do something I absolutely love.  That passion I used to feel about numbers and logic and everything having a right answer?  That is the same passion I feel for yoga and for the exact opposite reasons that I loved accounting.  There is not just one right answer, there are so many right answers.  I leave a yoga class invigorated and feeling alive, instead of beaten down and tired like I did after leaving my accounting job.


Maybe I will go back to accounting one day.  Maybe I won’t.  I just want to do something I am passionate about, something that helps people, and something that allows me to see all the amazing milestones that my daughter is knocking out of the park.  Go Ella!  Mama is here every step of the way .

Oh hey, I have a blog?

Remember when I started this blog back when I was pregnant with Ella?  I imagined myself writing monthly updates and little tid bits about sleep and solids and postpartum workouts.  Then Ella turned 4 months, and I went back to work, and she stopped sleeping well, and I became a zombie who could barely put one foot in front of the other.


I am so behind in writing and updating that I have no idea where to begin. So maybe at the beginning??


Lots has happened since my last update.  For one thing, I left my corporate job as an investment accountant to be a full time stay at home mom and a part time yoga instructor.  It was hands down the best decision of my life.  I know being home with a child is not for everyone, and not everyone is blessed enough to even have that as a choice.  However, I finally feel like I am finally doing what I was put on this Earth to do.  Being a mom and bringing yoga to as many people as possible?  Now that sounds like a good life to me.


I also decided to go on medication for postpartum depression.  I was really struggling with what I thought was baby blues for a long time.  Some days were awesome, other days were terrible, but most days were somewhere in the middle.  Feeling sad, waking up every morning telling myself that today would be different.  Today I would be happy.  One foot in front of the other, all that jazz.  But nothing got better.  In the end of June I went on medication, and I am so happy I did.  My only regret is that I waited so long to go to my doctor.  I will be writing more about this since I know so many women suffer in silence.


I decided to wean Ella from breastfeeding at 8 months.  We are down to one feeding a day, and I am having really mixed feelings about it.  Part of me thinks I jumped the gun in weaning and the other part cannot wait to have my body back.  I am excited to write more about this as well!


Expect lots of posts (and lots of pictures!) coming soon!  All about being a mom, and of course, being me!